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Weight! That's Not the Issue is a new book with common sense, practical strategies to start you on the journey to a healthy life.

Top Myths About Weight Loss

Author Dawn M. Adams draws on her 25 years of experience as a health care professional to reveal to you:

  • Why weight is a symptom, not a disease
  • How the health care industry is failing you in your search for answers on weight loss
  • Why weight loss surgery is rarely the answer
  • How to reclaim your health by focusing on wellness -- not weight

The Surprisingly Simple Solution to Healthy Weight Loss

Weight! That's Not the Issue gives you small, incremental steps to get you back on the road to health:

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Readers share how Weight! That's Not the Issue has helped them

Dawn Adams has written a wonderful companion piece to life. She provides a friend when you want it, a mother when you need it, and a swift kick in the *#@ when you deserve it. Talk about a life coach. This book provides the information that we all need to make the right choices - and then the incentive to make them. It's written clearly and understandably and you never feel as if you're being spoken down to. I've contacted the author to request some guest blogging, a teleconference with our clients and ezine membership and a training seminar for our teacher/licensees. As much as I found this book personally engaging, enlightening and profound, from a professional point-of-view, I recognize the far-reaching implication of finding an experienced health-professional that can talk the talk - because she's walked the walk and really cares. This book is the help we've all been looking for . . .

Kathy Young
Director of Marketing,


"Overcoming obesity has a lot to do with accountability. Dawn is that special person who can help guide you through the weight loss process. Dawn Adams has the knowledge, compassion, and tools to help anyone through this process."

- Mia, Age 38

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